Another Councilman Stonewalled in Obtaining Financial Information

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For the second time this week Town Hall employees refused to comply with a request from an elected official for information regarding financial matters in the town.  Earlier this week Councilman Eugene Cook put out a press release to inform the public that he had to FOIL information from Mark Tyree, FOIL Officer for General Services after requesting the same information from Thomas Boccard, Director of General Services. The request involved accountability on various financial matters.

Today, Councilman Mark Mayoka put out a press release to inform the public that he too has been denied information regarding pertinent financial matters.  Councilman Mark Mayoka filed two FOIL requests for financial information from Andrew Persich the FOIL Officer for Audit and Control after making repeated requests since the last town board meeting on July 24th.

 One of the requests from Councilman Mayoka was directly related to tonight’s public hearing regarding the town Highway department.

“In order to properly evaluate the cost savings and feasibility of eliminating the Superintendent of Highways as an elected position and creation of a Department of Public Works it is vital to review a cost benefit analysis of such a proposal. This is an essential part of the decision making process and should have been readily available to the Residents for the public comment portion of the board meeting
taking place today”, Stated Councilman Mayoka.

Councilman Mayoka continued, “We are also in the midst of developing our annual budget and need to project into 2013 and beyond. As part of this budget process it is imperative that I be provided with the projection provided to the ratings agencies showing that there is 4-5 million dollar deficit short-fall for 2013.”

One must wonder if these employees are being instructed to withhold the information.  Town Spokesperson AJ Carter has been contacted for a statement.  We are awaiting his response.

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