Thanks Joan Cergol For Bringing DC Corruption to Our Wonderful Huntington

Our politically corrupt system from DC is now local. Pelosi, AOC and Schiff have arrived in Huntington.  And her name is Joan Cergol.  Joan Cergol has been in deep with the Frank Petrone administration since 2002 and was awarded all along the way by Petrone, until her salary made it to $126,101 as:


But in December of 2017, Susan Berland, who told other council people she would not resign as Town Council person,  did so at the last meeting of the Petrone Administration.  Susan moved on as a representative for Suffolk county legislation.  And Democrat Joan Cergol became the replacement council person and took a pay DECREASE OF $48,101. You have to ask, why did she do that?  Cergol was elected in a special election the following year to fill the last year of Berland term.

Now Democratic operatives of Cergol send to HuntingtonNow and Newsday false information about Andre Sorrentino’s (republican)  businesses’ tax issues without any clear factual information, and social media has run with it, of course. HuntingtonNow and Newsday both should be ashamed for writing what it received from the Democrats and without vetting the information.   

Here is why:

We will attach the information so you can verify for yourself. See below to read the tax warrants issued by NYS. 

Download (PDF, 589KB)

Please note that all warrants were paid before the “WARRANT DATE”. Which means the business was in contact with NYS department of taxation, and Andre Sorrentino confirmed this by phone.  Those who have not been audited by the Sales tax division should know they can extrapolate taxes because they think you are not being truthful. Our Accountant was  involved with sales tax audits many times, and as an example per his words,  if January sales tax calculates out to $10,000 and all other months come out to $5,000 they may calculate that that you shorted them the $5,000 on all other months. You now owe $55,000, plus penalty and interest. You have to fight them, not fair as he has seen it happen.  Note: Sales Tax Auditors are supposed to find money or they get reprimanded, like police have ticket quotas.

Next please read NYS policy Publication -750 on sales tax. Click here to read. We ask, Avrum Rosen, a former Democratic candidate and a lawyer who has been quoted by both HuntingtonNow and Newsday to show where in Publication-750 it tells a business to keep funds in a separate account, It’s not there.

Next we asked a local Accountant and Expert in Accounting  Systems the cash sales tax question that Avrum Rosen stated in other media stories. Our expert stated that “in 35 plus years of installing hundreds of business systems I have never setup a separate cash account for sales tax. And publication 750 has no mention of such requirements.”  NYS tax-warrants.html page states when we file a tax warrant, we send you a copy of the warrant. If you fail to resolve your warranted balance, we will proceed with further collection action.”  Obviously the Sorrentinos did just that.

In summary, facts are a problem in today’s political environment and with the media. Thank you Joan Cergol for bring DC corruption to our wonderful town.

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