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Are You Sure We Need More Affordable Housing In Huntington Station?

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There are currently 66 houses for sale in Huntington Station that are under $250,000. Listed below are the asking prices, so they could probably be purchased for even less. It would seem logical to work toward getting people into some of these homes instead of continuing to spend millions of dollars knocking down houses and […]

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Town Hall FOIL Violation – Update

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After a friendly reminder that Town Hall is breaking the law, and a field trip to 100 Main Street, we are beginning to get some of the information we have requested.  The information we asked for and the answers given by Town Hall are as follows:
These were our questions:
How much money was used for the […]

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Huntington Town Hall is in Violation of the Freedom of Information Law

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By failing to comply with this very specific law, our Town leaders are leaving all Huntingtonians vulnerable to having our hard earned tax dollars wasted on costly lawsuits.
It is common practice in Town Hall to make public documents unavailable to citizens of the town of Huntington.  If documents were readily available, town residents might be very […]

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Something’s being “Taken” but its not the “Blocks Back”

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“This is what Take Back the Blocks is all about – replacing substandard living units with decent housing, and replacing absentee landlords with residents who have the pride of ownership. When completed, this project will go a long way toward stabilizing this neighborhood,” said Supervisor Frank Petrone, who created the program with his Town Board […]

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Things That make You Go “Hmmm”

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From left to right: Frank Petrone, William Spencer, Don Pius, Robert Fonti
There has been much chatter over the years that Don Pius is supported by Supervisor Frank Petrone, Robert Fonti, who is Chair of the Huntington Housing Authority (HHA) and former HHA Chair, Dr. William Spencer, who is running for the 18th Legislative District. Don […]

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On July 7, 2010 the Town of Huntington issued a press release claiming the following:
“Continuing the Town’s crackdown on illegal apartments, Code Enforcement officers, in coordination with Suffolk County police, executed search warrants at four locations July 1, finding illegal apartments at all of the locations. The Town placed notices of hazardous conditions at three locations […]

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Code Violation Timeline

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This is how a typical case of a home with code violations goes through the system in the Town of Huntington. This is intended to give the reader a clear picture of why the the illegal housing problem is growing and is destroying the quality of life and contributing to the high taxes throughout our town. Since the system is broken there are people […]

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Another Pius House – Story Update


This home is owned by Community Properties, LLC which is one of Don Pius’ holding companies. Besides the obvious problems with the “No Crack” sign, there are many other issues of concern.  Wires hanging across windows is a violations of  Town code.  Notice the kiddie pool in the bottom right of the picture.  It is more than disturbing to think […]

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On Wednesday, Sept. 7, at about 1:45 p.m., the Town’s Public Safety Department received a call from someone identifying himself as Mangous Captain, who said he lived in an apartment at 12 Mara and that he had no electricity or water. Mr. Captain told town officials that the owners had moved out a few weeks […]

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The Cost of Doing Business

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On August 10, 2011, a group of about 20 concerned Town of Huntington residents went to the 3rd District Court, on New York Ave. in Huntington Station, to see first hand how code violations are being dealt with.  Some of the people who attended are part of a group called the Citizens for Huntington Code Enforcement.   This group was […]

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