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Town Dodges Transparency & Accountability

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Last month the Huntingtonian Newspaper along with support from Councilman Mark Mayoka made arrangements for Robert Freeman who is the executive director of the Committee on Open Government to hold a workshop for F.O.I.L. Officers and the general public.

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Peter Nichols On The Meyer’s Farm Deal & TDR’s

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This has more to do with ‘equal protection under the law’ than it does with TDR’s, RMM’s and RM3’s. Take your pick, but the law should apply equally to everyone – not favor the well connected, the loudest screamers or those trying to look smart by tossing around abbreviations.

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Letter From Councilman Mark Mayoka

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Councilman Mark Mayoka’s investigation into the prepared re-bonding resolution yielded $300,000.00 in savings.

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The following is from Alissa Sue Taff who is the President of the Sweet Hollow Civic Association.  The letter is in support of creating Sweet Hollow Park which requires a transfer of development rights.
The Sweet Hollow Community had a vision of a beautiful park, in an area where few exist, surrounded by homes with many children […]

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Mark Mayoka Discusses Refunding Plan

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Councilman Mark Mayoka states “The time spent over the past two weeks was well spent and has yielded extraordinarily positive results”.
These are the undisputed facts
1)      The refunding plan that was attached to the refunding bond resolution which was prepared on March 13th was only a proposed plan and is stale.
2)      The resolution allows for the […]

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Should A School Board Be Involved In Matters Outside Of Education? – Candidates Respond

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 We recently asked the current HUFSD BOE candidates to respond on the topic of Huntington BOE members taking a stand on town issues.  We also asked them to read this article  on the subject and comment including their position.  Below are their responses in the order they were received.
 Bill Dwyer
A school district is a member of the […]

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It’s election time again in the Huntington Union Free School District. And once again, some are questioning whether it is ever appropriate for that district to weigh in on political matters before the Town. It is an incredibly important question; should a school board be involved in matters outside of education, in matters that some have argued are beyond its purview?

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 Driving along Round Swamp road, there are signs proclaiming “save Sweet Hollow Park” attend town board meeting May 22nd!  Bring the kids!”
 At first blush, it sounds great, right? Save a park? Who would not want that?
Well, it is a bit more complicated than that. There is not yet any park called “Sweet Hollow Park”. It […]

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