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In last weeks issue of  Closing Of Jack Abrams School, we stated how in 1988 the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the ruling that the Town of Huntington violated the Federal Fair Housing Act by limiting public housing to the small section of town known as the Urban Renewal area. The ruling stated that […]

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Former Huntington High Graduate Tragically Dies

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Former Huntington High School Graduate, Patrick McCourt Tragically Died Saturday, September 17th, 2011. Patrick graduated from Huntington High School in 2006.  He played baseball, was Captain of the Fencing team, Performed in the Marching Band, and participated in various activities while attending Huntington High School. 
Patrick was walking on Veterans Memorial Highway at 5:30 am on Saturday.  He was hit by Jose Santos, […]

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Press Release from the Greater Huntington Civic Group

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In June, the Greater Huntington Civic Group declared war on local government, specifically the members of the Town Council.  Our words were hyperbolic.  Rather than a call to armed insurrection, it was an expression of frustration at the state of the beloved town in which we live.
The closure of one of our schools, and the […]

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Cow Harbor Day – Sunday, September 18

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What is Cow Harbor Day?
Cow Harbor Day is the traditional annual festival celebrating the history of the Village of Northport.  The name comes from “The Great Cow Harbor” this is what the Village was called years ago as the cows use to graze on the fields along the Harbor which are now two lovely parks.
Cow Harbor Day is held on the third Sunday September, […]

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Huntington Awareness Day Photos

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Apple Recipes

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This is the time of the year when Huntingtonians love to go apple picking. Here are some of our favorite recipes to help you use all those apples you have gathered.
Apple Pie
This recipe is simple if you use a ready made pie crust.
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
6 cups apples (3 tart, 3 sweet)
1 […]

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Another Pius House – Story Update


This home is owned by Community Properties, LLC which is one of Don Pius’ holding companies. Besides the obvious problems with the “No Crack” sign, there are many other issues of concern.  Wires hanging across windows is a violations of  Town code.  Notice the kiddie pool in the bottom right of the picture.  It is more than disturbing to think […]

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Veterans Come Out in Support of a Cell Tower

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On September 8th, about 50 people attended the ZBA meeting at Town Hall.  The majority of people in attendance were there to witness a case about a request for special use permit and variance for the purpose of erecting a 100 foot flagpole with cellular antennas and install related equipment.  The applicants were Metro PCS NY LLC and Clear-wire Legacy, LLC.  […]

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Town Opens Small Business Resource & Recovery Center

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Town Hall Press Release
Credit: A.J. Carter
September 15, 2011
Center will provide tools that help small businesses form and grow
The Town of Huntington announces that it is creating a Small Business Resource and Recovery Center at Town Hall to stimulate economic development in the town by helping to provide small businesses with advice and tools that will […]

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Thanks to Our Readers We Have Passed 30,000 Pageviews

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This website went live a little over a month ago and already we have had over 30,000 pageviews. We would like to thank our readers and we are glad you like what you are seeing. Here are our most recent statistics:
4,029    Visits
1,536    Absolute Unique Visitors
30,125    Pageviews
7.48    Average Pageviews
00:05:27    Time on Site
2.95%    Bounce Rate
36.73%    New Visits

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